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Hockney at Tate Britain — barkbitetravel

Mr and Mrs Clark (Celia Birtwell and Ossie Clark) and Percy 1970/1 A major exhibition of two hundred and thirteen works spanning nearly 60 years of David Hockney opens at the Tate Britain on Thursday, February 9. This is a unique opportunity to see early classic paintings alongside more current work in a variety of […]

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Vermeer’s Painting Technique — Sonya Haley’s Art Blog

It is not an easy chore to reconstruct with precision how Vermeer painted. What we now know of seventeenth-century Dutch painting methods is based largely on information gleaned from contemporary painting manuals integrated with the results of modern scientific analysis. Period painting manuals were more apt to discuss theoretic issues of the art of painting […]

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Grotto x CUHK Grads – The Passion of Discovery II — Wong Xiang Yi

Grotto Fine Art proudly presents Grotto x CUHK Grads – The Passion of Discovery II, a group exhibition of Hong Kong contemporary artists graduated from the department of Fine Arts at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The exhibition is held from 6th Feb to 25th Feb, 2017. Featuring Artists: Vivian POON, Casper CHAN, Bouie […]

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