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picsart_01-27-04-26-05Here are more updated post for all of you Art Lovers out there. Be sure to click on the links in your favorite post and support the author’s of this blog and further see what they have to offer. Check out our home page where you will find all the details and information to expand on your jewelry wardrobe with Paparazzi Accessories. Don’t forget to support our community of the Arts by pressing that subscribe button😉. Happy reading the, I will be back….

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Since i’ve been so into art journaling lately, the only gifts I asked for for the holidays and my birthday were things that would make it more fun. My parents got me markers and a blank-paged journal (using my lined journal for art journaling was getting way too annoying- plus it was a little too small to […]

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Farklı Bir Zamanda Yasanan Gerçeklik — Cocomolinho

Ray Caesar, gerçeküstücülük akımının İngiliz temsilcilerinden olan sanatçı ve dijital ressam. Pop Sürrealizm akımının en önemli temsilcileri arasındadır. Dünyayı yabancılaştıran ve onu eğlenceli hayali bir alana götüren, içinde esrarengiz, tekin olmayan güçlerin egemenliğinin yansıtıldığı, aslında bir araya gelmez gibi görünen şeylerin, mesela trajikle komiğin, adilikle yüceliğin birleştirilmesi. Grotesk varlıkların absürt (sıra dışı) özelliklerle yeniden tasviri […]

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Tips to Upgrade your Photography (1 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Garima Bhaskar Founder & Owner of: Garima Writes Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Family & Life, Photography, Stories and Technology Writer 1. Know your subject Don’t just see a beautiful scene and capture it. Analyse it first, decide your perspective. Don’t click the picture from the view point where people normally see. […]

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